Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the SpitzLift crane meet any safety standards?
A. Yes, the SpitzLift meets ASME, OSHA, DEFSTAN, CE and AS safety standards. 

Q. Do all SpitzLifts come with a mount?
A. We offer a complete solution which includes everything needed to mount to a 2” receiver. However, because there are more than 13 mounting options and many different applications for the SpitzLift, the mount is generally purchased separately.

Q. Does the SpitzLift come preassembled? 
A. Yes, the SpitzLift comes assembled in the box.

Q. Does the Surface Mount Kit base take up the hauling room in my pickup truck bed?
A. No, the Surface Mount Kit lays flat in your pickup bed when not in use allowing you to haul at full capacity.

Q. Can I purchase more than one mounting base and use the same Spitzlift in all of them?
A. Yes, the Spitzlift is designed so you can outfit a fleet of vehicles with bases and purchase only one lift.

Q. If I let go of the handle while lifting a heavy object, will the object I’m lifting fall to the ground?
A. No, the safety disk brake on the manual hoist allows you to take your hands off the handle. Your load will not fall.

Q. Must the SpitzLift be used on a vehicle only?
A. No, the SpitzLift modular cart and our mounting brackets can be used almost anywhere (i.e., from a workbench, platform to a semi-tractor trailer).

Q. What material is the SpitzLift crane and mounts made of?

A. The crane is made from anodized, structural, aircraft grade, aluminum. The mounts are made from powder coated steel.

Q. Can I order replacement parts for my SpitzLift?

A. Yes, just give us a call at (619) 713-5061.

Q. Does the SpitzLift come with a warranty?

A. Yes. All SpitzLift products, except for the hoists, are warranted for three years against defects and workmanship. DC and AC hoist motors are warranted for one year. Manual hoist is warranted for 3 years. The straps are warranted for one year. Warranty does not apply to cable or synthetic rope.

Q. Can I return my SpitzLift?

A. Yes, within 30 days of original purchase but the SpitzLift must be in its original packaging and in resalable condition. Please call first to get a manufacturer’s RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization), (619) 713-5061.


For further questions please contact a SpitzLift Sales Representative at 619-713-5061