news-fordIf you’re like me, your garage is reasonably well-equipped for most projects, even the big ones. One thing that most of us don’t have, though, is something to help with the “heavy lifting,” for when we need to move around something really big. Such back-breaking tasks might include:

  • lifting an engine out of a vehicle, onto the truck bed or into an engine stand
  • putting an ATV or motorcycle into a truck without the use of long ramps
  • getting extra-heavy items out of the truck bed into the garage where we can tackle them

I’ve had the need to do these things for years, but I’ve resisted the urge to invest in a winch or hoist, since they tend to be expensive and take up a lot of space (which is at a premium in my garage). Furthermore, most of these tools themselves weigh a lot and are inconvenient to take with me on the road, where I may have the need to perform similar tasks.

Solving all these problems elegantly is a light but powerful portable crane from SpitzLift. The SpitzLift crane is a truly clever piece of design and engineering that can be used in the garage or on the road with equal effectiveness and ease.  Read Article