spitzlift-manufacturing-logo2Poway, CA – (March 28, 2014) At the request of customer pilot programs, SpitzLift announced today that they have made a few upgrades to their popular aluminum lightweight portable crane. National fleets are moving toward lightening their loads and maximizing efficiency. SpitzLift is a super tool that is lightweight and payload efficient. Ford recently released its 2015 F-150 which features an aluminum cab and bed. This move toward lightweight fleets marks the first instance of aluminum being used in such a high-volume automotive industry product. SpitzLift is the lightest crane available that can pick up more than 30 times its own weight. It is both a safety and efficiency tool for fleet managers and those lifting and transporting heavy materials. The San Diego based company founded in 2000 has expanded its customer base to include international companies and increased the variety of product applications.

SpitzLift is now offering a shut off mechanism that can be set to the exact weight being lifted. This load limiter switch increases user safety and ensures that the maximum load capacity is not reached. SpitzLift features an ergonomic design upgrade which will helps to prevent over shoulder lifting for field workers. Most work related injuries are shoulder related so this upgrade safeguards against these types of injuries. With a titanium base, SpitzLift has built in safety features and has stood the test of time.

The SpitzLift portable lightweight aluminum crane, which is made in America, offers a safe, efficient solution to heavy lifting. Weighing only 30lbs, the SpitzLift is easy to install and prevents injuries sustained from heavy lifting. “Providing a safe work environment has been the primary focus of Spitzlift’s product development and engineering team for the last decade,” said founder and chief executive officer Michael Spitsbergen. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s statistics, strain related injuries are the primary cause of missed work and workmen’s compensation claims.

Prioritizing safety is a concern shared by the largest fleets. A survey by GE Capital Fleet Services states that the biggest concern for fleet managers is ensuring the safety of their drivers. With safety in mind, fleet managers are turning to tools like SpitzLift to safeguard against workplace injuries caused by heavy lifting. SpitzLift is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant and equips workers to lift up to 900lbs safely. Otis Elevator’s North America Fleet Manager Phil Schreiber said “We know every time we use Spitzlift it replaces muscle, which means you have less chance of injury.”

With several fleet management customers deciding to go lightweight, SpitzLift has become a tool for minimizing fuel costs. SpitzLift allows the end user to use a lighter duty vehicle because it does not affect payload therefore saving fuel. Second only to safety, limiting fuel costs is another top concern for fleet managers. An easy solution to implement is alternating Spitzlift portable cranes in place of heavy cranes. The SpitzLift crane is green and payload friendly; the tool can be used on vehicles for or on work benches, ground surfaces, rooftops, decks and more. The portable crane is made of aluminum which is recyclable and does not rust or decay with time.

As the company’s customer base has grown, the variety of applications for SpitzLift has widened. SpitzLift has customers operating in 12 different countries and continues to expand. Thousands of SpitzLift cranes are used every day throughout the world to lift materials and equipment safely and efficiently. They are used in submarines, aircraft, elevators, outdoor recreation vehicles, for building maintenance and in the wind and oil industries. SpitzLift’s customer focus has and will continue to be service vehicles. Most recently, SpitzLift learned that fire departments are using their cranes on heavy duty fire rescue squads to help move heavy equipment and reduce the chances of personnel being injured while offloading the equipment.

To learn more about SpitzLift upgrades and products, visit: www.spitzlift.com


SpitzLift designs and produces portable aluminum lightweight cranes that provide a safe lifting solution. The company was founded in 2000. SpitzLift cranes are payload efficient and weigh only 30 lbs and can lift up to 900lbs. Located in Poway, California, SpitzLift cranes are made in the United States. Additional information and a current product catalog can be found at www.SpitzLift.com